Wireless Ethernet (WiMAX) delivers high-speed, high-performance access to the Internet over a wide (typically metropolitan) area using wireless broadband technology. WiMax service bridges the gap between Wi-Fi networks – fixed, limited-range, wireless – and cellular service – limited bandwidth availability with nearly-ubiquitous coverage – offering the best of both worlds. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart devices of all kinds can use WiMAX technology to run high-bandwidth, high-quality data, video and VoIP applications anywhere in the modern workplace – a truly ‘location agnostic’ technology. And WiMAX is as easy to manage, economical, and scalable as Carrier Ethernet technology.

Delivering you from the boundaries of WiFi access and revving up your smartphone are just the beginning of what WiMAX can do for the mobile worker. WiMAX’ wireless Ethernet can now connect tablets and laptops to the Internet with the same speed and strength as a wired Ethernet LAN – and support the same applications. Work or play that used to require a limited Wi-Fi connection, DSL or a T1 connection, can now happen wirelessly, in an area up to 30 miles across. Users can play videogames with friends at the dog park, stream HD movies on the PC at home, and upload or download large files during their commute, all over WiMAX.

More than just the answer to mobile device usage, WiMAX service offers the answer to the problem of multi-point networks of DSL lines or T1s for college campuses or residential communities. Users, whether employees or residents, are now accustomed the speed of broadband Internet they use for video, voice and data in their homes and offices; they are beginning to demand the same speed and capacity on the move for their increasingly complex mobile devices. A patchwork network of landlines and wireless Internet hotspots can’t hope to offer the cost-effectiveness, scalability, and convenience of WiMAX.

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