Cottonwood Communications work with businesses and local government entities nationwide to analyze and improve the cloud services, telecommunications, Internet and WAN services they use each day. We provide an unbiased opinion and are “carrier neutral”.

Whenever possible we offer our customers a choice of at least two solutions in every proposal. We feel you are entitled to choices so we let you pick which option is right for you. Different from many consultants we rarely bill you directly. Only in certain one-off situations do we ever send out a bill. Once you or your company elects to move forward with a solution, we are compensated by the carrier/provider for placing orders on your behalf.

Because of our multiple carrier/provider relationships, and our desire to get you the very best deal available, Cottonwood Communications can often get your business a better price than if you went directly to the carrier/provider yourself. We know the industry well and will guide you through the choices available to find exactly what you’re looking for.

So whether you are shopping for a cybersecurity or cloud solution, a new colocation center, or looking to connect your 20 offices together with a new ethernet network – partnering with us makes great business sense.

About Our Founder

Ted Thonus - President

Ted Thonus, the owner of Cottonwood Communications has worked in telecom and IT for the last 20 years, and the team at Cottonwood Communications has over 47 years in combined experience in our industry. Cottonwood Communications was founded in 2005.

Prior to starting Cottonwood Communications, Mr. Thonus began his career with Allnet Communications in San Diego, CA, then returned to Denver to work with ICG and Qwest Communications (CenturyLink, now called Lumen).