The heart of the city is a prime location for business, and not just for commercial, financial and workforce reasons. Your metropolitan location also gives you access to the latest in WAN technology, the Metro Ethernet WAN. Metro E runs on an optical fiber network ring circling the metro area, putting scalable bandwidth and inexpensive connectivity within easy reach. No matter your network structure, you need a reliable connection that’s both easy to maintain and able to support all the voice and data applications your business uses. Best of all, Metro E is so scalable, you won’t have to pay for bandwidth you’re not ready to use.

Whether your network is P2P, multiP2P, or points to a co-location facility, Metro Ethernet service is the best WAN solution. It’s simple – more than Cable Broadband, DSL, a T1 or a DS3, Metro Ethernet is easy to run, cost-effective and supports more high-priority-traffic features. Since Ethernet is the standard LAN protocol, your LAN/WAN can communicate easily with the MetroE WAN, which allows voice and data to travel faster across networks.

Metro Ethernet service runs on a highly survivable and redundant optical fiber ring circling your metropolitan area, providing your Ethernet WAN tremendous data capacity, QoS voice applications, and the flexibility of low-cost CPE. Practical businesses who currently use expensive dedicated private lines over T1 or DS3 for offsite data backup, co-location for disaster preparedness, and business continuity can install cost-effective Ethernet Private Lines or Ethernet Virtual Private Lines instead. Metro Ethernet Service is an ideal WAN solution for single location businesses that operate nationally, or multi-location businesses in cities served by Metro Ethernet Service Providers.

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