Carrier Ethernet Service has evolved into the perfect solution for the large enterprise customer with high performance standards for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness and the scalable bandwidth it brings to the WAN. During the initial expansion of Ethernet as a WAN technology, the network nodes served by Ethernet over Optical Fiber enjoyed high Quality of Service. But many end-users were forced to rely on poor quality last-mile solutions to connect to the larger network, and overall performance was compromised. Consistent access to data, software, Internet and real-time voice and video streaming is only possible on a network that is high-speed and high-bandwidth across every node.

The next generation of Carrier Ethernet Service is Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0, which brings Carrier Ethernet Service out to the last mile, and within reach of most end-users. Now, services such as VoIP with Quality of Service are available on the standardized platform of Carrier Ethernet Service, offering reliability, scalability, and remote network management. Furthermore, services like E-Line (Ethernet Private Line and Ethernet Virtual Private Line); E-Tree; E-LAN; Point-to-Point (P2P); and Ethernet Virtual Connections such as Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) are offered by all Carrier Ethernet Service Providers. CE 2.0 brings the advantage of a superior level of service to the large enterprise network, crossing carrier networks and crossing borders.

The future of nationwide Ethernet over Fiber is here, and Carrier Ethernet Service Providers are delivering on it, even to locations not yet served by fiber. The large enterprise can build a strong network and strong relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers and contractors – in any country – on the back of Carrier Ethernet 2.0. Each protocol-indifferent MPLS Ethernet LAN can drop the constraints of DSL, cable broadband, or even T1 line to connect at the speed of demand to the enterprise’s Ethernet WAN.

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