Today’s enterprise network is a high-demand environment, with hundreds of users in multiple locations, communicating via VoIP and streaming video and relying on high-bandwidth cloud-based applications. Typically, a network like this had to connect to the internet through a DS3, using expensive, but reliable, dedicated bandwidth. Fortunately, the emergence of Ethernet over Fiber Service as a reliable WAN technology offers even the largest of large enterprises a new option for their WAN transport. The Ethernet over Fiber Service Provider can now offer gigabit speeds, scalable connectivity, and fast deployment using high capacity optical fiber which allows for the Quality of Service and SLA’s that VoIP and video demand.

The cost and service advantages offered by Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) today are attractive to businesses of all sizes and of all technology budgets. Ethernet over Fiber services are versatile, cost-effective, and scalable, supporting the SaaS, cloud-computing, and e-commerce applications that large businesses rely on, and which need guaranteed capacity, uptime and throughput. Need speeds above 100MB, GB speeds with symmetrical upload and download capacity, and easy growth to DS3 / OC3 sizes? Only Ethernet over Fiber can deliver all that. And EoF, using MPLS protocol to efficiently connect all nodes to all nodes, is the perfect transport technology for national networks with numerous nodes – a natural replacement for vulnerable and expensive P2P lines.

Large enterprises whose employees are spread across the country are increasingly relying on their network for mission-critical, real-time collaboration, communication and data sharing. The several dedicated line services that Ethernet over Fiber supports offers the possibility of a truly customized network structure. Ethernet Virtual Private Lines are point-to-multiple-point LAN connections, and Ethernet Private Lines are P2P connections that are truly scalable – both of which blow traditional provisioned private lines out of the water. Ethernet over Fiber offers all the sophisticated features a large enterprise network requires while taking advantage of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness provided by Ethernet technology.

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