Today’s businesses have today confidential, mission-critical, and above all high-bandwidth needs that Ethernet P2P Lines are designed to meet. Once, the only cost-effective use for fixed-cost, fixed-bandwidth leased lines was an intra-company phone network that replaced the variable and wildly expensive POTS bill. Now, cost-efficient, flat-rate Point to Point Ethernet Service provides high-capacity bandwidth, guaranteed up-time, and Classes of Service that support low-latency applications, from VoIP to video to real-time trading and more. And old-school private lines can’t beat the features that P2P Ethernet Service offers: 1Mbps to 10Gbps port sizes; installation and upgrade time within days not months; and near-infinite scalability without scandalously expensive equipment upgrades.

Most of today’s businesses will benefit from the high value and low cost of Carrier Ethernet Service; but others require the security, the guaranteed capacity, and the native speed and redundancy offered by a Point to Point Ethernet Network design. Examples include law firms sharing massive, confidential case documents; financial firms performing trades in real-time; hospitals and medical offices transferring real-time video and HD images; and businesses that perform storage area networking, constant remote backup, and data center connectivity. Bandwidth restrictions or failures can have disastrous results for the completion of a trade, a diagnosis, or a data backup, jeopardizing your business. A Point to Point Ethernet Private Line prioritizes your data to your specific needs, and ensures privacy at the same time.

P2P Ethernet Service supports a variety of network architectures. Configure your network as an Ethernet Hub, with multiple locations connecting to the central LAN at HQ, so that each location accesses the Internet, shared applications, and network services through the main site. Or, depending on the needs of each LAN and the WAN as a whole, use a 100Mbps Point to Point line to interconnect each location in a mesh configuration, or a hybrid mesh. Each type of business and each style of network can have flexibility, scalability, and interconnectivity with P2P Ethernet Service – with guaranteed capacity, security, and throughput at a fixed monthly cost, no matter the usage.

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