Businesses of all sizes, home office or remote office workers, and modern residential customers have discovered that Ethernet WAN technology is undeniably the most cost-effective solution for modern communications needs. Unfortunately, many of these types of locations are outside the reach of optical fiber rings or last mile optical fiber. Until the development of Ethernet over Copper, many businesses were unable to replace expensive T1 or fractional DS3 lines, or were forced to keep using cable broadband or DSL, when the superior connectivity of the Ethernet WAN was just beyond the last mile.

The solution is Ethernet over Copper, which allows your Ethernet LAN to connect to the Carrier Ethernet network via the plain old copper wire already in place. Today’s higher data traffic applications such as VoIP with QoS, video, and cloud-based services and data backup all require scalable bandwidth, class-of-service transport, and reliable connectivity. Ethernet over Copper Ethernet Service travels over existing telecom infrastructure – plain old copper wire – at efficient speed and cost-effective quality, using a transport protocol developed by Ethernet over Copper Service Providers.

Businesses running nationwide multi-P2P or the hundreds-of-nodes networks often found in retail or industries with contractors or home office workers have found in Ethernet over Copper the answer they’ve been looking for. If multiple points on your WAN are in small towns, shopping centers, and residential areas not served by Metro Ethernet optical fiber, then Ethernet over Copper Ethernet Service is an ideal Last Mile Solution.

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