Gigabit Ethernet Services allow businesses in every industry to compete and adapt to today’s high-demand, on-demand environment. Nationwide Gigabit Optical Fiber permits businesses at every level to scale network size to fit changing communications requirements, increase competitiveness, and improve productivity and performance. Previously, Frame Relay, ATM and private line services were the only reliable options for WAN transport with sufficient capacity for multi-point, high-demand networks. Now, large business has a cost-effective and scalable alternative to expensive T1 and fractional DS3 pipes: Ethernet WAN over Gigabit Fiber.

Why is Gigabit Ethernet Service the right choice for the enterprise customer? Employees are more productive when they aren’t waiting for the ‘cloud’ to respond, or for file downloads to complete. Multiple users can run multiple applications simultaneously on a highly responsive network with low delay, low latency, and minimal downtime. Advanced technology like Software as a Service, streaming video, and VoIP with Quality of Service guarantees doesn’t bust the budget and keeps the enterprise competitive. And Gigabit Ethernet Service Providers can scale up an Ethernet WAN remotely as the enterprise grows, along with the demand for higher bandwidth with performance SLA’s. And Gigabit Ethernet Service deploys much faster than T1, DSL or even cable broadband connections, so the response time is nearly ‘real-time’.

Gigabit Ethernet Broadband WAN technology shares the same qualities that made Ethernet LAN technology so pervasive in the business world, across all network sizes and shapes: inexpensive CPE, versatile networking features, simple scalability, and bandwidth-efficient MPLS transport protocol. Multiple-node networks can now replace DSL or cable broadband with Ethernet over Copper in a home office, for example, or exchange P2P T1 private lines for Ethernet Private Lines that can scale up as needed, implementing an end-to-end Ethernet solution. Even better, an enterprise-level network won’t risk oversubscription or perceptible downtime on a 100 GB Gigabit Ethernet Fiber network. Ethernet Gigabit Service allows the large enterprise to maintain network quality, availability and performance while cost-effectively transitioning away from legacy transport like T1, bonded T1, and DS3.

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