Running your voice traffic over a data pipe that you already pay for is a smart way to make the most of your business’ data network. But there’s a catch with Voice over IP: sound quality depends on not just the bandwidth available but the quality of your LAN equipment, and the level of latency and jitter you can tolerate on each phone call. It reflects poorly on your business if employees sitting at their desks sound like they’re at the bottom of a barrel. Since voice quality is critical for most businesses, they still swear by their PRI lines.

The speed, redundancy and superior transfer protocol of an optical fiber Ethernet WAN makes Ethernet Voice over IP possible. Voice over Internet Protocol over an Ethernet WAN reduces latency and jitter to negligible levels and produces a high Quality of Service. High-speed Ethernet Service makes a high bandwidth, low latency application like VoIP service possible for small, medium and home businesses of all kinds. Analog voice calls are made digital, turned into packets, and delivered at the other end in the right order, with no delay or funny noises. Just like a real phone call! VoIP Service Providers offer you analog quality of service at a digital price, whether calling from one VoIP phone to another across your own network, or to an analog phone anywhere.

Voice over Internet Protocol service once was the kind of complex application only large enterprises could afford to take on, because only saving tens of thousands of dollars a month on PRI lines made the project cost-effective. But now, Ethernet VoIP Service brings old-school landline voice service to your Ethernet WAN economically and efficiently, with mission-critical Quality of Service guarantees.

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